Nick Reckinger

Nick Reckinger

Process and Bioresource Sales | Organic Fertilizer Expert

Nick has been a part of the FEECO family for over 15 years. With his passion and environmental expertise, he knew FEECO was the perfect place to make a difference. Nick has been involved with many environmental projects such as the Brown County Waste Transformation Initiative and many others.


Now as a Process and Bioresource Sales Engineer, Nick specializes in environmentally focused projects that utilize his environmental science background, in combination with his passion for turning waste materials into value-added products. During his time at FEECO, this has included developing granulation systems for utilizing manure as an organic-based fertilizer product, working with the county to transform wastewater sludge and livestock waste into marketable products.


Nick is detail-oriented, and enjoys the challenge of developing a project from initial concept, through to lab testing, equipment selections, and all the way to commercialization. Nick has shown exceptional skills at guiding customers through the often complex process of turning an idea into a realized process, coordinating with stakeholders, overseeing feasibility testing and process design, coordinating with internal resources and sub-vendors to deliver a project on time, and even traveling to project sites to assist in install and start-up.


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