We offer replacements for a variety of process equipment components, no matter what brand of equipment you have.

FEECO is a leader in servicing industrial process equipment. Whether you need to replace an entire piece of equipment, or a single component, we can inspect, diagnose, and treat any issues you may be experiencing.

The FEECO Customer Service Team offers a comprehensive spare parts program to help you minimize downtime. We keep an inventory of the most wear-critical parts in stock, and if we don’t have it, we can find it or build it.

We offer efficient and long-lasting replacement solutions for:

We also offer replacement pipe reactors and hammer mills.

In addition to our replacement services, our Customer Service Team can also conduct inspections on your equipment. Routine equipment inspections are the best way to catch problems before they have a chance to turn serious, and can mean the difference between a quick maintenance procedure, and extensive downtime and repairs. FEECO recommends having inspections conducted annually to catch problems before they have a chance to escalate and require replacement.