Waste Transformation

We can take your waste material or process by-product and turn it into a value-added product. Continue Reading →


Waste Transformation

We can take your waste material or process by-product and turn it into a value-added product. Continue Reading →


Whether you have a material you’re currently landfilling, or a process by-product that goes to waste because it’s not usable in its current form, FEECO can develop a process around your intended goal to transform your material into a value-added product. We utilize our unique testing facility, The Innovation Center, to test your material at both batch and pilot scale in order to determine the feasibility of the intended process and simulate commercial process conditions. We then use the data gathered during testing to scale up the process and engineer the equipment needed to carry out the process.

Our process experts can apply a variety of methodologies to upgrade your waste material or process by-product. This can include agglomeration, granulation, drying, and high temperature thermal processing, or a combination of these techniques. Our process experts frequently develop processes to:

  • Create a marketable product from a waste or process by-product
  • Upgrade the value of a material through refinement
  • Recover valuable materials from valueless carriers
  • Increase the value of a material through improved characteristics

Some transformations include turning sludges into organic-based fertilizers, clays and saw dust into cat litter, fuel pellets from petroleum coke dust, and recovering valuable metal from spent batteries.

When FEECO converts a customer’s waste into a usable, profitable product, we are also helping that customer prevent wastes from ending up in landfills, creating a win-win situation for both the customer and the environment.

Partial Materials Converted to Higher End Use Products
Beginning MaterialFinal End Product
Ammonium SulfateGranular Fertilizer
Ash (Wood, Fly)Granular Fertilizer
Bentonite ClayCat Litter Granules
BiomassBiochar, Activated Carbon
Bone MealGranular Fertilizer
Calcium CarbonateGranular Fertilizer
Calcium ChlorideIce Melt Pellets
Calcium SulfateGranular Fertilizer
Carbon Black DustDe-dusted Pellets
Cell Phone BatteriesLithium, Zinc Metal Recovery
Cement Kiln DustGranular Calcium Fertilizer
ClayCat Litter, Oil Dry Granules, Encapsulate Seeds
Coal DustDe-dusted Coal Pellets
Composts (Yard Waste)Granular Fertilizer
Copper DustMetal Recovery Pellets
Corn CobsCat Litter, Oil Dry Pellets
Diatomaceous EarthFilter Agent
Dredge SludgesNon-leaching Granules
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) DustsMetal Recovery
Ethanol Plant Waste (DDG)Animal Feed
Foundry DustMetal Recovery
Glass BatchGlass Blend
Gold Ore DustPrecious Metal Recovery
Grain DustNon-explosive Pellets
GypsumGranular Fertilizer
Gypsum Wallboard WasteGranular Fertilizer, Cat Litter Pellets
HumateGranular Fertilizer
Iron OreMetal Recovery Pellets
Iron OxideMetal Recovery Pellets
Kaolin ClayPaper Coating
Lime (Wastewater Treatment Sludge)Granular Calcium Fertilizer
LimestoneGranular Calcium Fertilizer
Manure – Cattle/Chicken/HogGranular Fertilizer
MAP FertilizersGranular Fertilizer
Mined Frac SandDried Frac Sand
Municipal WastesGranular Fertilizer, Fuel Pellets
Nickel OreMetal Recovery Pellets
Nitrogen FertilizersGranular Fertilizer
NPK BlendsGranular Fertilizer
Paper SludgeGranular Fertilizer, Cat Litter
Paper SludgeBright White Clay
Petroleum Coke DustFuel Pellets
Phosphates PowderGranular Fertilizer
Potassium ChlorideGranular Fertilizer
Raw CoalPurified Coal
Saw DustCat Litter, Fuel Pellets
Soda BottlesRecycled Plastic
Soy FlourAnimal Feed
Steel Dusts and SludgesMetal Recovery Pellets
SugarSugar Pellets
Sulfur DustNon-explosive Pellets
Sulfur Stack EmissionsGranular Fertilizer
Talc OreSterilized Baby Powder
Tar Sands Waste SludgeSubstitute Fuel Pellets
Titanium DioxidePigment Pellets
Titanium Metal ShavingsMetal Recovery
Tungsten OxideMetal Recovery Pellets
Zinc OxideMetal Recovery Pellets



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