Photo of the Week: Encapsulated Seed Product

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

This week’s photo highlights an encapsulated seed product.

FEECO worked with a company, Encap, to transform short fibers from waste paper sludge into a line of lawn and garden products, which includes the encapsulated seeds from this week’s photo.

The process included agglomeration of the fibers, in addition to Encap’s proprietary technology, into a uniform product. After the process was tested and validated in the FEECO Innovation Center, FEECO designed and manufactured the necessary equipment for Encap’s full-scale production facility; the equipment included a pin mixer, rotary granulator, rotary dryer, and material handling equipment.

When it comes to process and product development, our staff in the FEECO Innovation Center have you covered. In our renowned facility, we’ve helped hundreds of customers transform materials into value-added products, and then scaled up the design to produce pilot scale equipment.

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