Laser Alignment

FEECO offers a state-of-the-art laser alignment service for drum shaft alignment, as well as other alignment needs.

Why Proper Shaft Alignment is Important

Whether you are running a rotary dryer, cooler, agglomerator, kiln, or other rotary equipment, proper alignment is key to extending equipment life and maintaining operational efficiency. A misalignment issue can quickly spiral into major equipment damage and downtime, if left untreated. A rotary drum will naturally fall out of alignment over time, making routine realignments an integral part of any preventative maintenance program.

Signs your Rotary Drum is in Need of Alignment

Regularly inspecting your rotary drum is critical to catching problems before they have the opportunity to spread. The following symptoms are all good indicators that realignment is needed:

  • Excessive tire/wheel wear
  • Damage to the tire/wheel
  • Excessive wear on the thrust roller
  • Damage to the thrust roller
  • Pinion/girth gear wear
  • Pinion/girth gear damage
  • Drive components are chattering/vibrating


FEECO utilizes a highly advanced laser tracking system to perform alignment services. This means our service technicians can perform alignments faster than ever, and with precision accuracy. Benefits of utilizing this system include:

  • Achievement of extremely tight tolerances
  • No need for moving equipment
  • The ability to benchmark and track historical data
  • Elimination of human error (when compared to traditional methods)

Additional Laser Alignment Services:

  • Elevation Checks
  • Alignment of Offset Mounted Machines
  • Conveyor Pulley and Frame Alignment
  • Power Transmission Alignment
  • Vertical and Horizontal Shaft Alignment
  • Drum Thickness Checks
  • Drum Shell, Tire, Trunnion Wheel, Pinion, and Ring Gear Alignment
  • Coupling and Shaft Alignment
  • 3D Measuring
  • Spatial Mapping for Equipment Layout
  • Pattern Layouts (both flat and circular/tubular)
  • Plant Layouts – New Construction or Existing Plants
  • Horizontal and Vertical Checks of Equipment (conveyor and elevator alignment, paddle mixer shaft straightness, shuttle conveyor rail alignment, and more)

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