The FEECO Customer Service Team offers state-of-the-art tire and trunnion wheel grinding services to recondition the load-bearing surfaces for your rotary drum.

Why Tire & Trunnion Grinding is Important

Tire and trunnion grinding is an integral component in any long-term maintenance plan for your dryer, cooler, agglomeration drum, or otherwise, helping to ensure that your rotary drum is running efficiently, as well as helping to prolong equipment life. Problems that begin at the drum base may seem insignificant, but left untreated, can quickly make their way to the rest of the drum, causing significant damage, and in some cases, even premature equipment failure. While these surfaces become worn through regular use, reconditioning them can return them to like-new condition.

Signs that Tire & Trunnion Grinding is Needed

Routinely inspecting tires and trunnion wheels can go a long way in preventing any potential problems from developing into something more serious. The following signs exhibited on any of the load-bearing surfaces are all indications that reconditioning is needed.

  • Chattering or vibrational noises (caused by uneven wear)
  • Washboarding
  • Pitting (an orange peel-like appearance)
  • Spalling
  • Rolled Over Edges
  • Timing Marks
  • Ridges
  • Taper Wear

Preventative Maintenance Checks

FEECO Customer Service Engineers are experts in rotary drum care and preventative maintenance. They are highly trained in reconditioning load-bearing surfaces and ensuring efficient operation. Our Customer Service Engineers can come to your site and often refurbish these surfaces during operation, without any downtime required. Contact us today to find out more about getting your load-bearing surfaces reconditioned.


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