Girth Gears

Heavy-duty gears for reliable rotary drum performance Continue Reading →

Rotary Drum Girth Gear Replacements

Girth Gears

Heavy-duty gears for reliable rotary drum performance Continue Reading →

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As a principle structural and mechanical component, the girth gear on a rotary drum has widespread effects when allowed to wear. As a result, gear wear should be addressed immediately, typically through replacement, though in cases of onset wear, simple adjustments may prevent further damage.

Preventative replacement of a girth gear is significantly more cost-effective than addressing equipment failure later.

Available Gears

As a leading provider of custom rotary equipment, FEECO offers high-quality replacement girth gears in 4340 and 4140 stainless steel. Gears can be provided in sizes ranging from 60” to 180”.

Gears are flame or induction hardened to achieve a desirable hardness. Hardness of the girth and pinion gears plays an essential role in maximizing equipment life.

Indications That a Gear may Need Replacement

Gears can become worn for a number of reasons, including inadequate lubrication, misalignment, or the presence of tramp or fugitive material. Gears exhibiting worn or missing teeth or damaged gear mounting should be replaced as soon as possible. This can be observed by examining the gear mesh – the way in which the girth gear and pinion gear come together at the point of joining.

A worn gear may exhibit unusual vibrations in the drive area, growling noises, or even wear patterns on the tires and trunnions.

Less obvious wear can be detected using a gear run-out, a technique that measures tooth height for the entire circumference of the drum as it rotates.

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