Why Toll?

Tolling, or toll processing, is an agreement under which a company with a specialized production plant processes materials for another company.


Toll processing offers a valuable opportunity for companies to process their material without the investment of their own full-scale production facility. Typical reasons why someone might toll their material include:


  • The company is not yet ready to make the capitol investment in their own production plant.
  • The company needs to get their product to market quickly and cannot wait on a production plant to be built.
  • The company is in product development and testing stages where the process needs to be worked out before a production facility can be built.
  • The company’s current plant does not have the sufficient capacity to meet demand.

The FEECO Toll Processing Facility

FEECO’s toll processing production plant is a state-of-the-art facility, staffed by experienced technicians. With over 60 years of material processing experience, we have the unique advantage of familiarity with hundreds of materials. A variety of process configurations can be accommodated to meet a customer’s specific processing needs. Our available tolling equipment includes:


  • Pin Mixer
  • Paddle Mixer/Pug Mill
  • Pan Pelletizer
  • Agglomeration Drum
  • Coating Drum
  • Rotary Dryer
  • Rotary Kiln
  • Rotary Calciner
  • Product Screening
  • Recycle Loop/Grinding Loop

In addition, our toll processing plant is complimented by our feasibility testing center, where we can test product characteristics and aid in process and/or product development. We can help bring your material and process all the way from concept, to operational production facility.


For more information on toll processing in the FEECO tolling facility, contact us today.