Breeching assemblies for rotary dryers, coolers, kilns, and granulators/agglomerators enclose the rotating drum ends and provide a place for controlled material feed and product discharge. Paired with the proper seal, they also prevent the exchange of air between the inside and outside of the drum. Breechings must be kept in adequate working order in order to maintain overall process efficiency and product quality.

Breechings can become worn over time as a result of material passing through the unit and abrading it. Breechings may also become worn from corrosive materials, exposure to the elements, or physical damage.


FEECO offers custom inlet and discharge breechings for a reliable and efficient solution tailored to your unique process and facility needs. Breechings are available in a variety of different materials of construction, with the two most common being stainless steel and carbon steel.


Breechings exhibiting any form of wear should be immediately addressed. While repair may be an option in some cases, moderate to severe wear will require replacement. Signs of wear may include holes, thinning walls, or structural damage.

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