FEECO provides a wide offering of OEM equipment, as well as whole process and system solutions and engineering to companies around the globe in a variety of industries. We have worked with everyone from start-up companies, all the way to Fortune 100’s, engineering firms and everything in between.


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  • Fertilizer-Code-of-Conduct
    A Look at the FAO’s Fertilizer Code of Conduct
  • Rotary Drum Laser Alignment
    Photo of the Week: Laser Alignment in Progress
  • Pelletized Potash
    An In-Depth Look at Potash Pelletizing
  • Mineral-Pelletizing
    Pelletizing Minerals for Improved Handling and Use
  • Resource of the Week: Rotary Dryer Sizing & Design Slideshare Presentation
    Resource of the Week: Slideshare Presentation on Rotary Dryer Sizing and Design
  • Rotary Kiln Refractory
    Question of the Week: Why is Refractory Needed in a Rotary Kiln?
  • Roofing Granule Processing
    Improved Roofing Granule Production through Engineered Equipment
  • Mineral-Drying-Featured-Image
    Mineral Drying
  • RotW-Spent-Carbon-Reactivation-Page
    Resource of the Week: Web Page on Spent Carbon Reactivation
  • Girth Gear Lubrication System
    Photo of the Week: Girth Gear and Lubrication Nozzle
  • Eight-Questions-that-can-be-Answered-Through-Agglomeration-Testing
    Eight Questions That can be Answered Through Agglomeration Testing
  • Resource of the Week: Pipe Reactor Brochure
    Resource of the Week: Brochure on Pipe Reactors
  • Direct vs. Indirect Rotary Dryers
    Question of the Week: What's the Difference Between Direct and Indirect-Fired Rotary Dryers?
  • Upgrading Phosphate Ores with Rotary Kilns
    Upgrading Phosphate Ores with Rotary Kilns
  • Bucket-Elevator-Replacement-2
    Considerations in Replacing a Bucket Elevator