FEECO provides a wide offering of OEM equipment, as well as whole process and system solutions and engineering to companies around the globe in a variety of industries. We have worked with everyone from start-up companies, all the way to Fortune 100’s, engineering firms and everything in between.


Take a look of some of our photos from throughout the years by selecting a category from the dropdown lists below…


  • Rotary Drum Girth Gear
    Part Spotlight: Girth Gears
  • What Role Does Green (Wet) Strength Play in Agglomeration?
    Question of the Week: What Role does Green Strength Play in Agglomeration?
  • Activated Carbon for a Better Environment
    Applying Activated Carbon for A Better Environment
  • Common Disc Pelletizer Issues and How to Resolve Them
    Common Disc Pelletizer Issues (and How to Overcome Them)
  • Fertilizer (Fertiliser) Granulation Plant
    Photo of the Week: Fertilizer Granulation Plant
  • E-waste Recycling Solutions
    Electronic Waste Recycling: A Global Problem in Need of Solutions
  • Thrust Roller
    Part Spotlight: Thrust Rollers
  • Rotary Dryers (Driers) for Nickel Laterite Ores
    Rotary Dryers Serve Critical First Step in Nickel Laterite Ore Preparation
  • What is Conditioning
    Question of the Week: What is Conditioning?
  • 3D Model of a FEECO Aluminum Decoating (Delacquering) Kiln
    A Look at Aluminum Decoating
  • Disc Pelletizer
    Tips for Choosing a Disc Pelletizer (Pan Granulator) Manufacturer
  • Pelletizing Lends a Hand in Recovering Nickel Dust
  • FEECO Unitized Drive Base for Rotary Drums
    Photo of the Week: 3D Unitized Drive Base
  • A Look at Activated Carbon Thermal Regeneration, 3D Model of a FEECO Rotary Kiln
    A Look at Activated Carbon Thermal Regeneration
  • Rotary Drum Tire
    Part Spotlight: Rotary Drum Tires

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