Our decades of experience in process design, optimization, and custom equipment manufacturing gives us a bird’s eye view of how each part of a process functions both individually, and as a whole.

We can inspect/audit individual pieces of equipment, as well as entire processes in order to assess and give feedback on any operational or maintenance concerns, mechanical failures, or process inefficiencies.

Once an audit has been conducted, we provide you with a comprehensive report including short and long-term recommendations. We can then work with you to determine the best course of action, whether that means servicing your existing equipment, retro-fitting a solution into place, or replacing equipment or process components.


Our expertise in engineering and manufacturing allows us to offer custom retrofit solutions that integrate seamlessly into your process, resolving identified process or operational issues.


We can simulate your process conditions in our Innovation Center, in order to assess the feasibility of increased production, a change in feedstock, or alternate processing methods, without disrupting your current production facility.



Agricultural Revolution Demands Specialty Fertilizers (Fertilisers) and Soil Amendments

Agricultural Revolution Demands Specialty Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

The agriculture industry is in the throws of a revolution; feeding the world’s estimated 2050 population of more than 9 billion …

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Build-up in a Granulation Drum

Photo of the Week: Sticking in a Granulation Drum

This week’s photo illustrates the build-up, or sticking of material in a granulation drum. Granulation drums, used in the fertilizer industry, …

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