Conditioning Drums

Heavy-duty rotary drums for conditioning a wide variety of materials Continue Reading →


Conditioning Drums

Heavy-duty rotary drums for conditioning a wide variety of materials Continue Reading →


As the leading provider of rotary drums, FEECO is the industry’s choice for conditioning drums. All conditioning drums are designed around the specific material characteristics and process goals. Conditioning drums are used throughout a number of industries to de-dust and/or polish materials, combine liquid additives with a solid feedstock, and improve material handling characteristics. They are also the device of choice for reagentizing potash in the froth flotation process.

These robust drums work by tumbling material in a rotating drum, mixing both liquid and solid feed components, knocking off granule edges, and applying coating or de-dusting agents and more.


  • Size: Drum Diameters from 36″ – 15′ (1 – 4.6m)
  • Capacity: 500 lb/hr – 3500+ TPH
  • Efficient Bed Turning/Flight Designs
  • Robust design and construction, according to the highest quality specifications
  • Various material options
  • Various liner options
  • Various Drive Assemblies Available

Our custom designs can also easily accommodate the addition of other equipment and accessories such as discharge trommel screens, spray bars, and more. FEECO’s discharge breeching design allows for easy control over dust and emissions to avoid contamination of the surrounding area.

Optional Components

  • Spray Systems
  • Various Internal Options
  • Various Liner Options
  • Machined Bases
  • Screw Conveyor Feeder
  • Automatic Gear Lubrication System
  • Variable Speed
  • Variable Slope

Unitized Drive Base

All FEECO conditioning drums utilize our unitized drive base. The drive system is mounted on an adjustable, one piece drive base, which is bolted down to a sole plate resting on custom leveled mounting pads. Adjustment screws are included to easily adjust the entire drive base, avoiding the hassle of having to realign each component separately. This results in quicker installation, savings in labor, and increased gear/sprocket life.

CE Mark Logo

FEECO is capable of meeting the requirements necessary for CE marking equipment.


All FEECO equipment and process systems can be outfitted with the latest in automation controls from Rockwell Automation. The unique combination of proprietary Rockwell Automation controls and software, combined with our extensive experience in process design and enhancements with hundreds of materials provides an unparalleled experience for customers seeking innovative process solutions and equipment. Learn more >>


Conditioning offers a variety of benefits. Among them:

  • Reduced Volume
  • Stabilized Mixtures During Handling
  • Eliminated/Reduced Dust Problems
  • Controlled Hardness
  • Reduced Packing, Storage and Transport Costs
  • Improved Product Performance
  • Improved Handling


A Discharge Breeching

B Outlet to Exhaust Handling System

C Riding Ring/Tire

D Ring Gear Guard

E Raw Material Feed Chute

F Drive Assembly

G Liner

H Graphite Block Lubrication Assembly

I Trunnion Wheel

J Riding Ring

K Thrust Roller Assembly

L Pillow Block Bearing

M Trunnion Guard



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