Whether a dryer, cooler, kiln, or otherwise, FEECO rotary drums are offered with a variety of options in drive assembly types, based on the requirements of the application.

We offer the following drive assembly types:


Chain and Sprocket Drive Assembly by FEECO International

Chain and sprocket drive assemblies are reserved for smaller drums, running up to 75 horsepower (55kW). This type of arrangement is not suitable for larger drums running above 75 horsepower, but is ideal for smaller jobs, as it is cost-effective, and easy to run.

How a Chain & Sprocket Drive Assembly Works:

A large sprocket wrapped around the drum has a chain on it that goes to the reducer and motor. The motor turns the gear box, which spins a small sprocket attached by a chain to the large sprocket.


Gear and Pinion Drive Assembly by FEECO International

The gear and pinion drive assembly is best for heavy-duty applications running above 75 horsepower (55kW). While this type is more costly, it operates and wears better in demanding applications.

How a Gear & Pinion Drive Assembly Works:

A gear wrapped around the drum meshes with a small gear drive, causing the drum to rotate.

For higher torque applications, a reducer can be added to decrease the speed of the motor for both the chain & sprocket and the gear & pinion drive types.


Friction Drive Assembly by FEECO International

Friction drive assemblies are reserved for small applications requiring low horsepower. This is commonly seen with drums around 6’ (1.8m) and under.

How a Friction Drive Assembly Works:

Two of the four trunnion wheels are connected by one shaft and driven by a shaft mounted reducer and motor arrangement.


Direct Drive Assembly by FEECO International

The direct drive can be used for small to medium size drums running up to 75 horsepower.

How a Direct Drive Assembly Works:

A shaft is mounted to a solid discharge end plate at the outlet of the drum. The motor and reducer are either directly connected to this shaft with a coupling, or a shaft mount arrangement.

No matter what type of rotary drum you’re working with, FEECO can assist in selecting the most optimal drive assembly for your unique application.