Trunnion wheels act as a cradle to support the weight of the rotating drum, while also providing a smooth service for the tire (riding ring) to ride against. As part of the drum’s support base, problems with the trunnion wheels should be addressed immediately to avoid escalating damage.

While trunnions can be resurfaced via tire grinding, severe wear or damage will necessitate replacement.


As trunnion wheels must exhibit greater hardness than the riding ring, FEECO offers replacement trunnions in 4140 or 4340 steel. Trunnions are available with a face width up to 36”.


A trunnion wheel in need of replacement exhibits excessive wear, such as defects in the face, a broken shaft, or a diameter that is too small to provide adequate support.

It is important to match the tires to the trunnion wheels in both material composition and hardness.  Failure to do so, can result in premature wear and/or failure. FEECO has a team of field service engineers that can measure existing components in the field and recommend proper replacement specifications.

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