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Rotary drum liners are used in applications where excessive corrosion or abrasion is a concern. This is typically seen in the heap leaching process, as well as in inorganic fertilizer production.


Liners are a valuable tool in protecting the drum shell from the materials that would otherwise damage it. Though not ideal, they can also be used as a temporary fix to maintain operation in conditions of shell wear, while a replacement shell is made.

Available Liners

FEECO provides both rubber and metal drum liners. Metal liners are available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance, or AR steel for abrasion resistance.


All drum sizes can be outfitted with a liner.

Indications that a Drum Liner may Require Replacement

Liners not regularly monitored and replaced have the potential to cause catastrophic shell failure. Because liners are so pivotal in protecting the shell, any signs of wear, such as thin spots or holes, should be addressed immediately.


Worn liners can allow material to get between the drum shell and liner, exacerbating the wear impact from the material.

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