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FEECO engineers and fabricates high-quality, custom combustion chambers built for efficiency and longevity. Our combustion chambers can be retrofit onto existing co-current or counter-current rotary dryers and kilns.

Available Combustion Chambers

FEECO combustion chambers are provided in a heat-resistant stainless steel alloy for maximum heat resistance and retention. Our combustion chambers are highly customizable and can be configured in a number of different ways. Common configurations include:


  • Single shell
  • Double shell
  • Refractory-lined
  • Angled


Our combustion chambers can accommodate various fuel types, from natural gas, to fuel oil, and even recycled heat (where applicable).


In addition to supplying new combustion chambers, FEECO can also repair individual sections of combustion chambers as well. Access platforms and other accessories are also available.


Indications that a Combustion Chamber may Require Replacement

As part of the actual heating system of a dryer or kiln, combustion chamber wear or damage typically shows itself through process inefficiency, reduced product quality, or an unexplained rise in fuel costs.


Contact our Customer Service Team for a quote on a replacement combustion chamber or other rotary drum parts.

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