As part of the support system for a rotary drum, addressing issues with the tires or riding rings is critical to the equipment’s longevity; problems that start in the base naturally affect other components of the drum over time, potentially resulting in serious damage.

In many cases, drum tires can be resurfaced through a process called tire grinding. However, severe tire wear may require replacing the tire. When the time to replace a tire comes, FEECO offers a diverse selection of the industry’s highest quality tires.

It is important to match the tires to the trunnion wheels in both material composition and hardness. Failure to do so can result in premature wear and/or failure. FEECO has a team of aftermarket engineers that can measure existing components in the field and recommend proper replacement specifications.


FEECO can provide a replacement tire to specification, or we can recommend tire specifications such as hardness, size, and material of construction based on our extensive experience. Available specifications are listed below.

Inside DiameterOutside DiameterFace WidthMaterials of ConstructionEdging
Up to 190″Up to 210″Up to 32″1045 Steel
4140 Steel
4340 Steel
Beveled or non-beveled


A tire in need of replacement exhibits severe wear, such as cracks, fractures, or thin spots. This is in contrast to the minor wear problems that can be addressed through tire grinding, such as pitting, spalling, or timing marks.

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