The shell serves as the skeleton of the rotary drum, to which everything else is built upon. Proper shell manufacturing techniques are integral to drum life and performance.


In operation since 1951, FEECO has become a leading provider of the highest quality rotary drums. We engineer and fabricate drum shells to exacting specifications using tight tolerances. All drum shells are manufactured to run true and concentric.

When working with thermal applications, FEECO drum shells are engineered to eliminate distortion and misalignment resulting from high operating temperatures.

Numerous aspects of the replacement shell can be customized to suit the precise needs of the application. This includes shell thickness, materials of construction, and the provision of internals.


FEECO can accommodate varying shell designs and thicknesses to meet your processing needs and prolong the equipment life.


Various materials of construction are available, including:

  • Stainless steel (polished or unpolished)
  • Specialty alloys (hastelloy, inconel, etc.)
  • Carbon steel
  • Cladded steel
  • AR steel
  • Explosion bonded

Shells can also be fitted with insulation for reducing heat losses.


FEECO can supply shells with the necessary internals. Depending on the application, this might include custom flights (material lifters), tumbling flights, or other alterations designed to maximize heat transfer efficiency and optimize performance.


Damage to the drum shell comes in many forms, some more obvious than others. Obvious signs include cracks or holes in the shell, welds, inlet/discharge plate, or other components. The shell may also be visibly out of round, flexing or not running smoothly throughout rotation. This is also sometimes exhibited by a chattering or vibrational noise.

Thin spots in the shell or internal failures are typically less obvious. In addition to visual inspection, these types of problems can be indicated by thermal imaging equipment, or by measuring temperature around the drum’s circumference and length. FEECO can also assess this by measuring and profiling drum shell thickness.

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