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The FEECO Customer Service Team offers a wide range of services designed to keep rotary drums of all types running in optimal condition. This includes services for:


  • Rotary Dryers
  • Rotary Coolers
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Agglomerators
  • Granulators
  • Coating Drums
  • Conditioning Drums
  • Rotary Scrubbers

Rotary Drum Maintenance Services

With unmatched experience in rotary drum design, construction, and operation, FEECO Customer Service Engineers can inspect, diagnose, and treat mechanical failures, worn components, and process instabilities, while also laying the groundwork for a preventive maintenance program going forward.


Available services include but are not limited to:


  • Drum alignment
  • Drum shell thickness testing
  • Coupling and shaft alignments
  • Tire & trunnion grinding
  • Gear replacement
  • Seal replacement
  • Tire, trunnion, and thrust roller replacement
  • Process and mechanical audits
  • Flight/Lifter replacement
  • Spare parts

Sites with multiple rotary drums can take advantage of Monthly Dynamic Inspections.


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