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Thermal Processing Equipment

FEECO International, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of thermal processing (also known as pyro processing). All of our thermal processing equipment is custom designed around the requirements of your process and the characteristics of your material.


From industrial drying and cooling, to calcining and pyro processing, we supply:

We offer cost competitive designs for everything from pilot scale units, to full capacity units, and everything in between.


FEECO is capable of meeting the requirements necessary for CE marking equipment.

Automated with Rockwell Automation

All FEECO equipment and process systems can be outfitted with the latest in automation controls from Rockwell Automation. The unique combination of proprietary Rockwell Automation controls and software, combined with our extensive experience in process design and enhancements with hundreds of materials provides an unparalleled experience for customers seeking innovative process solutions and equipment.

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FEECO equipment processes such materials as:

  • Limestone and Lime
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Industrial Waste and Sludges
  • Municipal Waste
  • Minerals and Ores (Copper, Iron, etc.)
  • Proppants
  • Fertilizers (potash, DAP, MAP, NPK, TSP)

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Thermal Processing Equipment

Complete Thermal Systems

In addition to single, stand-alone thermal processing units, we also offer complete systems, including feed handling, metering, and exhaust gas cleaning, as well as a variety of control systems, from a simple single control loop in a microprocessor, to a sophisticated PLC-based system with multiple control loops.


All of our systems and equipment are developed with longevity and efficiency in mind, and can be configured to a variety of specifications:

  • Parallel Flow or Counter-Current Flow
  • Direct or Indirect Fired
  • Natural Gas, Oil, Steam, Waste heat, etc.


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Why Choose FEECO?

FEECO has been a pioneer in the thermal processing industry for over 60 years, helping companies around the world to solve their material and industrial processing needs with the highest quality in thermal processing equipment.

Our Commitment to Quality
Quality-RibbonOur company was founded on the idea that we could do things better; that if we put our minds to it, we could produce the best in industrial processing equipment.
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