How FEECO MFG works for you…

FEECO MFG is your connection to free high-quality leads that can help your company grow. Our online global manufacturing network provides all registered companies an opportunity to freely submit bids on open RFQ’s.

Just create a FREE Supplier Account and select your areas of expertise. When we have an RFQ that matches your criteria we will email you an invitation to bid.

Get connected! We are looking for a wide range of global suppliers for:

  • bearings
  • sheaves
  • v-belts
  • conveyor idler rolls
  • gear reducers
  • motors
  • bag houses
  • silos
  • fans
  • blowers
  • fabricators
  • trunning wheel forging
  • conveyor belt and pulleys
  • belt alignment controls
  • plugged chute detectors
  • safety stop controls
  • belt v-plows
  • switches
  • burners
  • screw conveyors
  • refractory installers
  • fluid bed dryers
  • sprockets
  • etc…



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