FEECO can provide a family of solutions to meet your agglomeration needs. Whether you are looking to eliminate dust, convert a waste to a marketable product, or improve product characteristics, we can design, manufacture, and install agglomeration equipment and systems to create a highly efficient process that produces the product you’re looking for.

What Can Agglomeration do for Your Material?

Agglomeration, or particle size enlargement, offers a variety of benefits. Among them, agglomeration allows you to:

  • Reduce Volume
  • Stabilize Mixtures During Handling
  • Eliminate/Reduce Dust Problems
  • Control Hardness
  • Reduce Packing, Storage and Transport Costs
  • Improve Product Performance
  • Improve Handling

To learn more about how agglomeration can benefit your material, see Why Agglomerate Your Material.

Automated with Rockwell Automation

All FEECO equipment and process systems can be outfitted with the latest in automation controls from Rockwell Automation. The unique combination of proprietary Rockwell Automation controls and software, combined with our extensive experience in process design and enhancements with hundreds of materials provides an unparalleled experience for customers seeking innovative process solutions and equipment.

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Types of Agglomeration

FEECO is the world leading manufacturer of equipment for Non-Pressure (tumble growth)  agglomeration:

Tumble growth agglomeration is the agglomeration of fines without pressure, and typically in the presence of a binder. Since moisture has to be present in the feed material and/or added during the agglomeration process, the resulting agglomerate is relatively soft (green, uncured) and usually requires a secondary process step to dry, cure, or fire the agglomerate and provide finished product strength. The product of non-pressure agglomeration is spherical or spheroidal pellets, or “jagged” pellets, depending upon the equipment used. For tumble growth agglomeration equipment, we offer:

Disc Pelletizers

Disc Pelletizer

Pug Mills

Pug Mills

Drum Granulators

Pug Mills

Pin Mixers

Pin Mixers

What Equipment is Right for You?

If you have a material problem, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. We offer a unique lab testing facility where we can determine the feasibility of agglomerating of your material, as well as which approach will best suit your material, and what the process will look like to get the product characteristics you’re looking for.


Size Reduction Equipment

We also offer a line of size reduction equipment for breaking up oversize pellets, including:

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Benefits of Agglomeration


Types of Agglomeration


Agglomeration Equipment

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Why Choose FEECO?

When it comes to agglomeration equipment and process solutions, FEECO is the provider of choice. FEECO has been solving material problems and providing high quality, custom agglomeration equipment and systems since 1951. We also offer a unique lab facility where we can work with you to determine agglomeration feasibility, as well as develop a process that helps you produce agglomerates with the precise characteristics you’re looking for.

Our Commitment to Quality
Quality-RibbonOur company was founded on the idea that we could do things better; that if we put our minds to it, we could produce the best in industrial processing equipment.