Hammer Mills

FEECO hammer mills are second to none in material size reduction equipment. Continue Reading →


Hammer Mills

FEECO hammer mills are second to none in material size reduction equipment. Continue Reading →


The FEECO double rotor hammer mill is a super heavy-duty mill adapted to do the toughest jobs with two sets of chain / bar links. Our hammer mills reduce dry and semi-moist materials with a minimum amount of fines and caking or plastering within the crusher. They are ideal for granulated and pelletized materials.

Hammer mills utilize a central rotating shaft, affixed with several “hammers” on pivots attached to the shaft. As the shaft spins, the hammers are swung via rotational energy, causing them to collide with the material, breaking it up into smaller particles.

The unit efficiently converts oversize agglomerates into the desired product range of minus 4 mesh to plus 20 mesh.

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The image below shows the standard components of a hammer mill. Click image to view larger.

Mechanical Construction of a Hammer Mill (3D Hammer Mill by FEECO International)

A – Material Inlet

B – Heavy-Duty Casing/Housing

C – Drive Guard

D – Drive Motor

E – Structural Steel Mounting Base

F – Hardened Hammers

G – Heavy-Duty Chain

H – Link Shaft

I – Hammer & Chain Shaft Assembly

J – Removable Screen/Basket

K – Roller Bearing


  • Specifically Designed – For breaking oversize granular materials efficiently and at high rates of production.
  • Cracking Action – No grinding – Full stream of oversize is directed into rotating chains without pulverizing action.
  • Non-Clogging Design – Ample clearance throughout helps flow of material, helping to prevent build-up and production down time.
  • Easy Access – Quarter section of housing can be removed by taking out only eight bolts, providing easy accessibility.
  • Simplified Maintenance – All component parts can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Durable Construction – Heavy-duty steel housing, oversized bearings, and specially hardened chain hammers provide dependability.


Hammer mills are ideal for breaking down oversize granular materials, as well as preparing material for use as feedstock. Common applications include:

  • Fertilizer Products
  • Pelletized Minerals & Ores (potash, gypsum, limestone, etc.)
  • Aggregates



Limestone and Gypsum Pelletizing
Nickel Ore Pelletizing


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A FEECO Hammer Mill.

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