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Our Commitment to Quality

FEECO International, Inc. was founded in 1951 as an engineering and equipment manufacturer. FEECO is recognized globally as an expert in providing industry-leading process design, a range of engineering capabilities, including everything from process development and sample generation, feasibility studies, to detailed plant engineering, as well as manufacturing to a variety of industries, including: fertilizer and agriculture, mining and minerals, power/utility, paper, chemical processing, forest products and more. As the leading manufacturer of processing and handling equipment in North America, no company in the world can move or enhance a concept from process development to production like FEECO International, Inc.

The choice to work with FEECO means a well-rounded commitment to quality. From initial feasibility testing, to engineering, manufacturing, and parts and service support, we bring our passion for quality into everything we do. FEECO International follows ISO 9001:2015 standards and procedures.


Commitment to Quality

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