Flights, or material lifters, serve to maximize heat transfer between the process gas and the material in bulk solids drying and cooling applications employing rotary equipment.


FEECO offers custom lifting, advancing, and tumbling flight designs engineered to work with the characteristics of the material to be processed in order to yield optimal heat transfer. Flights can be designed around the following concepts:

  • Single bend
  • Double bend
  • Radial
  • Straight
  • Sawtooth

Flights can be welded into place, or bolted for easy replacement and can be manufactured using a variety of different materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and specialty alloys.


Because flighting design and arrangement can be incredibly custom, FEECO offers a unique flight simulator to test various flight designs and patterns.

The 45” diameter x 24” deep rotating drum features easily interchanged flights, a variable speed drive for adjusting rotational speed, and a clear plastic cover for visual observation.


Flights typically have a life of five to 10 years, though this depends largely on the material being processed, with corrosive or abrasive materials causing faster wear. Flights exhibiting signs of wear such as abrasion or corrosion, or that are missing altogether should be replaced.

The replacement of worn or missing flights can significantly improve the efficiency and performance of the unit, lowering fuel costs and producing product with the desired specifications.

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