Why is it Beneficial to Agglomerate Coal Dust?

This article was co-authored by:

Carrie Carlson
Technical Writer

Chris Kozicki
Agglomeration Expert

Dust is an extremely prevalent issue when working with coal, and it presents many problems during processing, handling, and transportation. In addition, coal dust:

    • Can be a health and safety hazard
    • Results in product lost as dust
    • Is difficult to transport and handle
    • Can cause build-up in machinery

However, while these problems are troublesome, the real problem with coal dust is that it is combustible when sufficiently aerated. For this reason, it is imperative that the dust be mitigated to the utmost extent. This is where agglomeration comes in.

Agglomeration is used to de-dust coal, reducing the opportunity for disaster, and improving handling along the way. Coal dust can be pelletized, or simply de-dusted in a pin mixer, with each method offering different advantages.

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Carrie Carlson is a technical writer and visual designer.

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