Photo of the Week: Iron Ore Pellets

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Jenny Seim
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This week’s photo shows iron ore pellets.

FEECO offers extensive iron ore agglomeration services, including material testing in our renowned Innovation Center, as well as custom processing equipment.

Process Testing and Product Development

The FEECO Innovation Center provides iron ore agglomeration test work to help customers determine what equipment will be required to achieve the results they need.  Testing is available at both batch and pilot scale, and in a continuous process loop, for not only agglomeration testing, but drying, and particle sizing too.

Data gathered during agglomeration test work at FEECO can then be used for process scale-up and design of a full-scale production plant.

Custom Iron Ore Agglomeration Equipment

FEECO’s agglomeration equipment is always custom designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of each customer’s unique needs. We offer:

  • Balling drums. An ideal solution for high capacity applications, balling drums work by tumbling material and binder in a rotating drum to create pellets..
  • Disc pelletizers. Through the combination of binder and constant rotation of the disc, the disc pelletizer effectively pelletizes iron ore fines. Use of the disc pelletizer also offers more control over pellet size, producing a refined pelletized product.
  • Pug mills (paddle mixers). Pug mills are often used for processing steel by-products in the form of dust and scale to liberate iron ore.

In addition to the equipment above, FEECO also manufactures rotary dryers and material handling equipment, including belt conveyors, bucket elevators, steep incline conveyors, and reversing shuttle conveyors for iron ore.

Contact us today and learn more about FEECO’s decades of experience in agglomeration.


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