A pipe reactor is an acid-base reaction vessel used in the production of inorganic fertilizers. It is easily retro-fitted into existing granulation operations.

Phosphoric or sulfuric acid is fed into one side of the pipe, while gaseous or liquid ammonia is sparged into the reaction chamber, resulting in either ammoniated phosphate or sulfate hot melt material. The hot melt is discharged into the rotary granulator onto a bed of recycle material.

Though not applicable in all operations, the pipe reactor can offer significant savings in energy costs when employed, by capturing the heat released from the acid-base reaction to flash off moisture in the granulator.

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  • A complete reaction between ammonia and sulfuric and/or phosphoric acid
  • Effective use of water and steam for reaction and agglomeration
  • Effective use of the heat of reaction to evaporate water
  • Utilization of the reaction temperature and pressure to create a semi-molten product for controllable granulation in the drum
  • Interchangeable sections to minimize downtime on replacement of wear sections
  • Reactor design to integrate effectively with agglomeration drum and supplemental ammonia and steam sparge equipment


The image below shows the standard components of a pipe reactor. Click image to view larger.

A – Pressure Relief Valve

B – Rupture Disc

C – Feedstock Inputs

D – Drain Valve

E – Drain

F – Granulation Drum


  • Mono-Ammonium Phosphate
  • Ammonium Sulfate
  • Multiple MAP/DAP/AS blends with organic inputs



Fertilizer Granulation Pilot Plant


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