Best in Class Rotary Dryers

We’ve built a reputation on building the best rotary dryers in the industry. All of our dryers are custom designed to suit the unique processing needs of your material. Whether you require low or high inlet temperatures, short or long residence times, counter-current or co-current flow, FEECO’s design team can design a rotary drum dryer for your application.

Our rotary dryers feature:

  • Specially designed lifting flights to maximize heat transfer between the material and hot gas stream
  • Heavy duty design and construction for many years of service
  • Process and Mechanical Warranties

We can offer cost competitive designs for pilot scale units that process as little as one ton per hour to heavy duty units in excess of 17 foot in diameter that process hundreds of tons per hour.

Why choose FEECO?

Our rotary dryers are built to the highest quality standards, with longevity in mind. The best part about buying a FEECO rotary dryer, is that you get the security of knowing your equipment is backed by over 60 years of experience, material and process knowledge, and a proven track record.

Common Rotary Dryer Applications & Materials

Rotary dryers are known as the workhorse of industrial dryers. They are able to process a wide variety of materials, and can lend a hand in nearly any industry requiring industrial drying solutions. Some of the most common industries and materials in which rotary dryers are employed include:

  • Fertilizers (Potash, DAP, MAP, NPK, TSP)
  • Minerals and Ores (Copper, Iron, etc.)
  • Aggregates (Limestone, Sand and Gravel)
  • Proppants
  • Industrial Wastes and Sludges
  • Municipal Waste