Organic Fertilizer System Capabilities

Addressing the disposal of agricultural, industrial, and municipal wastes is becoming a growing problem. As experts in fertilizer granulation, FEECO can offer solutions for taking organic wastes and turning them into reusable products in the form of fertilizers.

Whether you are working with cattle manure, chicken litter, chicken manure, hog slurry, or municipal sewage sludge, we can turn your material into a granular fertilizer, resulting in a profitable product, and reducing disposal problems.

Lab Facility

Our state-of-the-art testing and tolling facility allows us to run various batch tests, not only determining feasibility of granulation, but also the best process and equipment for taking your material from raw material to end product.

Clean and Safe

As a result of high temperatures generated in the chemical reaction and the dryer, fertilizers produced with FEECO BioSystems method are entirely free of the micro-organisms and pathogens found in industrial and municipal sludges. End product quality far exceeds federal requirements for Class “A” disposal standards as they apply to municipal wastewater treatment plants.