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FEECO BioSystems, Inc., is a sister company born of FEECO International, Inc., an industry leader in fertilizer plant design and production machinery for fifty (50) years. FEECO BioSystems prime directive is the conversion of biowaste into a profitable product. Our equipment and process converts chicken manure, hog slurry, and municipal sewage into a fortified NPK granular fertilizer. The production of clean, safe, odor free fertilizers not only produces a profitable product, but also eliminates disposal problems.


Enriched fertilizer produced by the FEECO BioSystems process does not produce offensive odors during production or application. Even when re-wetted after Application.  During production, odor forming compounds like sulfur and ammonia are locked out as a result of the chemical reactions inside the enclosed reactor unit. Odors in the off-gas produced by the dryer can be reintroduced into the combustion chamber and incinerated. Before discharge into the atmosphere, airborne particles and dust are removed and recycled into the product.


As a result of high temperatures generated in the chemical reaction and the dryer, fertilizers produced with FEECO BioSystems method are entirely free of the micro-organisms and pathogens found in industrial and municipal sludges. End product quality far exceeds federal requirements for Class “A” disposal standards as they apply to municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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