FEECO Agglomeration Equipment includes: Agglomeration Drums, Briquetters, Compactors, Paddle Mixers, Disc Pelletizers and Pin Mixers

FEECO Agglomeration Capabilities

Agglomeration is an old technique. Upgrading size of fines created during process phases enables more complete utilization of raw materials. Agglomeration is also a method for diminishing environmental problems.

Feeco can provide a family of solutions to meet your agglomeration needs. Whether the purpose is to eliminate dust and fines, convert a waste to a marketable product, or improve product characteristics, we can design, manufacture, and install agglomeration equipment and systems to create a highly efficient process. Our experienced specialists are able to offer this total systems capability in procuring an effective, economic solution to your agglomeration problem. FEECO is capable of doing this world wide and on a turn-key basis.

Today, stringent emphases on efficient use of raw materials and waste reduction, improved performance in product handling and manufacturing processes, and enhanced environmental protection all demand the latest in agglomeration technology and equipment. That’s exactly what Feeco International delivers.

What kind of Equipment-Processes are available?

Approaches to agglomeration are divided into two basic categories:

  • Non-Pressure (tumble growth)
  • Pressure

The four tumble growth approaches are disc pelletizing, paddle mixing, drum granulation, and pin mixing. The two pressure approaches are compaction/granulation and briquetting.

Non-Pressure (Tumble Growth) Agglomeration Technologies

Agglomeration of fine materials (without pressure) by growth and tumbling in the presence of a liquid. The product of this process is spherical or spheroidal in shape in the case of pelletizing disc’s and drum agglomerators, while “jagged” pellets are typically produced in pin mixers and paddle mixers. Since moisture has to be present in the feed material and/or added during the agglomeration process, the resulting agglomerate is relatively soft (green, uncured) and usually requires a secondary process step to dry, cure, or fire the agglomerate and provide finished product strength.

Pressure Agglomeration Technologies

Particle size enlargement using a dry process in which dusts, powders or crystals are formed into shapes. The densification of the product is obtained by mechanical compression through a Sahut-Conreur double roll press. No moisture, or very little moisture, is required in a pressure agglomeration process.

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