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FEECO was founded in 1951 as the Fertilizer Engineering & Equipment Company, and we’ve held true to our name. From traditional chemical fertilizer granulation techniques, to organic systems that turn wastes into premium fertilizer products, we do it all. We can run feasibility tests, aid in product and process development, and design and build a complete system to suit your fertilizer production needs. In addition, we work with leading pressure agglomeration supplier, Sahut Conreur, of France, to provide the best agglomeration solution for your fertilizer processing needs, be it tumble growth agglomeration in a drum granulator, or compaction granulation in a compactor.


We can work with everyone from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Some of our happy customers include:
FEECO Fertilizer Customers

Complete Fertilizer Systems

We can design, engineer, and supply a complete, turnkey process plant based on your feed materials and product requirements. Depending on your needs, our complete systems can include metering and control systems, pressure and non-pressure granulation technology, along with all of the necessary material handling and feeding equipment. We provide granular fertilizer solutions in the following three categories:


  • Inorganic – Classical approach to manufacturing fertilizers using inorganic raw materials such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, ammonia, potash. phosphate rock, etc.
  • Organic – Utilizes bio-waste to create a granular fertilizer product. Other inorganic raw materials can be added to increase the plant food value as well.
  • Waste-to-Fertilizer – Many industrial processes create process by-products and other materials containing plant food value that can be converted to a granular fertilizer.
  • Ammonium Sulfate
  • Potash
  • Superphosphates
  • Compost & other organic materials
  • Sulfur


In addition to our fertilizer capabilities, we are also highly active in the agriculture industry as a whole. We offer custom equipment and processing solutions for a variety of applications, including the production of animal feed, soil amendments, and other agricultural products. Some of the most common materials we process include:


  • Manure – cattle, hog, chicken, chicken litter
  • Dried Distiller’s Grain (DDG)



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Why Choose FEECO?

Our extensive experience in the fertilizer industry, combined with our process capabilities and advanced granulation technologies, allows us to offer our customers the best in complete fertilizer granulation systems. Customers who turn to FEECO for their fertilizer manufacturing needs can be confident that they are getting the best system for their unique needs.

Our Commitment to Quality
Quality-RibbonOur company was founded on the idea that we could do things better; that if we put our minds to it, we could produce the best in industrial processing equipment.