Why are Rotary Dryers Preferred in Frac Sand Drying?

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

Generally speaking, rotary dryers are the sand dryer of choice when it comes to frac sand, offering many benefits over other drying options.

One reason rotary dryers are chosen over other dryer types is for their ability to accept large throughputs. Rotary dryers are high capacity machines, keeping production moving steady, a valuable quality for high production sand processing operations.

Rotary dryers are also valued for their ability to accept variance in feedstock. This is critical in sand processing, where inlet moisture often varies. In most other dryers, variance in feedstock can cause significant processing issues. Rotary dryers, however, are known for reliable operation, despite feedstock variance.

Rotary dryers are perhaps most valued for their heavy-duty quality. Sand is a demanding material that can wreak havoc on an ill-suited industrial drying system. A well-designed rotary dryer is a reliable drying solution, suitable for withstanding the characteristics of the sand itself.

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