Rotary Sand Dryers

Rotary drum dryers have long been the preferred industrial dryer for processing sand in a variety of applications. Tolerant of variation in feedstock, highly reliable, and rugged, rotary dryers offer high-capacity sand drying at its finest for a variety of applications, including:


  • Foundry casting (foundry sand)
  • Hydraulic fracturing (proppant sand/frac sand)
  • Glass production
  • Abrasive materials
  • Chemical production
  • Construction and building materials
  • Filter media
  • Paints and coatings
  • Ceramics


Sand Dryer Features

All FEECO sand dryers are designed around the specific process and material goals of the application at hand. Our sand dryers can process in excess of 300 TPH in a single unit and feature:


  • Diameter: 3′ – 15′ (1 – 4.6m)
  • Co-current or counter-current air flow configuration
  • FEECO combustion chamber
  • Customizable flights/material lifters
  • High-quality materials of construction to minimize sand abrasion
  • Process and mechanical warranties
  • Various drive assemblies available
  • Accommodates various fuel types


Advantages of a FEECO Sand Dryer

FEECO has been building the industry’s most reliable rotary drum dryers since 1951. As a result of our unique designs, FEECO sand dryers offer many benefits, including:


  • Lower carbon monoxide (CO) and NOx emissions
  • Avoidance of critical breakdown temperature to maintain product integrity
  • Reduced carryover and dust
  • Increased efficiency through uniform drying
  • Decreased drying costs as a result of a more complete combustion of the fuel
  • Improved abrasion resistance due to the use of higher grade materials of construction
  • Enhanced efficiency through custom flight (lifter) designs and patterns
  • Highly-skilled Customer Service Engineering Team for all of your troubleshooting and maintenance needs.


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