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FEECO provides a variety of equipment and services for all types of synthetic gypsum. From initial feasibility testing, to process scale-up and the manufacture of custom synthetic gypsum processing equipment, we can design and build a complete processing solution tailored to your distinctive requirements.

Material Processing


Whether you need to condition your synthetic gypsum, or pelletize it for use as a soil amendment, FEECO offers various pieces of agglomeration equipment, as well as complete process systems. This includes disc pelletizers, pin mixers, and pug mills.

Rotary Dryers

FEECO also provides the best industrial drying systems in the industry. Our rotary dryers are custom engineered around your unique source of material to ensure optimal drying results.

Bulk Material Handling

We offer a complete line of bulk material handling equipment both as stand-alone systems, as well as a complement to our processing equipment.


Belt conveyors, bucket elevators, steep incline conveyors, and reversing shuttle conveyors, can all be used to bring seamless fluidity and automation to your synthetic gypsum processing operation.


Additional equipment such as trippers and plows and belt feeders are available for increasing system flexibility.

Plant and Pilot Scale Process Testing and Design

With so much variation, it is often desirable to test synthetic gypsum in order to avoid post scale-up surprises. The FEECO Innovation Center is a unique testing facility where we can test your material at both batch and pilot scale in order to work out process variables and design commercial-scale units, as well as scale up the process.

The FEECO Innovation Center is well-equipped to suit a wide range of testing needs, including pelletizing and drying. We can test on a single piece of equipment, or a continuous process loop.

We offer comprehensive testing services in four categories:

Feasibility/Proof of Concept: An initial, non-witnessed batch testing phase in which the possibility of creating a product is explored.
Proof of Product: A more in-depth batch testing phase in which more time is spent determining whether a product can be made to desired specifications.
Proof of Process: A continuous testing phase that aims to establish the equipment setup and parameters required for continuous production of your specific material.
Process/Product Optimization: An in-depth study to optimize your specific material’s characteristics and/or production parameters in an industrial setting.

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Parts & Service

FEECO provides a comprehensive offering of parts and service to keep your equipment running its best for years to come. This includes a variety of field services, emergency service support, process and equipment audits, spare parts, and more.


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