Photo of the Week: 24” Pin Mixer

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Jenny Seim
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Pin mixers are used for various agglomeration processes including material conditioning, mixing, de-dusting, agglomerating, and micro-pelletizing. They can be used as a stand-alone agglomeration unit, or in combination with a disc pelletizer or agglomeration drum, to produce a pelletized product.

Pin mixers use a rotor shaft affixed with rods (pins) inside a stationary housing. The shaft rotates at a constant speed, creating a spinning action within the mixer. This action thoroughly mixes the material and binder, to produce small, dense agglomerates, as the material moves through the length of the mixer.

FEECO’s pin mixers are available in sizes from 10”-50” and capacities of 200 lb/hr – 70 TPH. Testing and rental options are also available.

For additional information on the equipment, view our blog post Pin Mixers: An Ideal Solution for Processing Ultra Fine Materials, or contact us today!

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