Anatomy of a Disc Pelletizer

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A high quality disc pelletizer, also known as a pan granulator, is an ideal agglomeration solution when creating a uniform pellet from dry or slightly moist materials. Their heavy-duty structure and easy control capabilities offer reliability and operational flexibility in the pelletizer plant. In addition to the disc pelletizer’s skillful design and material handling abilities, the quality components and customization options that FEECO uses are what set the disc pelletizer apart as a valuable agglomeration solution.

Standard Disc Pelletizer Components

The following components are standard disc pelletizer components:

    • Base- The base is fabricated using structural members and heavy welded plates. It provides a solid foundational structure for all of FEECO’s custom pelletizers.
    • Disc- The disc, also referred to as the pan, is constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel plates and can range in size from 24 inches to upwards of 25 feet. The plates are welded and reinforced to strengthen the overall structure. Additionally, discs larger than six feet are lined with expanded metal to promote a wear layer of material. Included in the disc system is a hand-wheel operated jacking screw. This device easily adjusts the disc’s horizontal angle from 40° to 60°.
    • Drive Unit- The drive unit is comprised of automated mechanisms such as the motor, parallel or concentric shaft reducer, and V-belt drive. Both the motor and the reducer are mounted on a bracket behind the disc. The disc is then mounted to the reducer’s output shaft.
    • Plow / Scraper- Plows and scrapers are independently mounted vane-type components that control the material layer as it tumbles over the surface of the disc. The scrapers of larger diameter discs are covered with a ceramic, wear resistant coating/facing that protects the scraper from abrasive materials.
    • Plow Support- The plow support is constructed of heavy, welded, structural members. It is fabricated to provide rigidity to the disc support system and permit quick adjustments to the disc angle without requiring a separate plow adjustment.
    • Spray System- The spray system dispenses liquids and binders into the disc. The system consists of spray nozzles, needle valves, pressure gauges, pipe connections, and spray lines.
    • Feed and Discharge Chutes- A feed chute (optional) directs material onto the disc while a discharge chute directs material as it exits the disc.

Constructed of heavy, welded, reinforced carbon steel plate (A).All inner disc bottoms six feet and larger are lined with expanded metal to reduce abrasive wear. (B) The disc angle is easily adjusted from 40° to 60° horizontal by a hand-wheel operated jacking screw (C). The base, and (D) the plow support members provide maximum rigidity while simultaneously allowing rapid pan angle adjustment, without the need for separate plow adjustment. (E) Individually mounted vane type plows easily control and maintain the product layer over the disc’s entire surface. Larger pelletizers feature ceramic facings. (F) The pivot base, a rotating member, is mounted on heavy-duty anti-friction bearings. Automatic lubrication is featured on larger discs.

Optional Disc Pelletizer Components

FEECO delivers custom disc pelletizers built to meet the needs of any product specification. Disc pelletizer customization options include:

    • Disc Material Options- Besides carbon steel, discs are also available in stainless steel. The stainless steel option protects against corrosive materials.
    • Hard Surface Scrapers- Hard surface scrapers, a standard feature on smaller disc pelletizers, are also available on larger customized pelletizers.
    • Hopper Liner- To avoid sticking or to increase wear resistance, the hopper can be lined with a UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) thermoplastic.
    • Inclinometer Indicator- An inclinometer indicator displays the degree of the disc’s incline.
    • Partial and Full Discharge Cover Hoods- Partial and full discharge cover hoods minimize dusting issues that can occur as material travels across the disc and through the discharge chute.
    • Powered Angle Adjustment- The powered angle adjustment option automatically changes the disc’s incline. It is used in place of the hand-wheel operated jacking screw.
    • Specialty Spray Configurations- A number of special spraying options are available to vary the delivery of liquids and binders. These options are customizable and differ based on material and process application considerations.
    • Variable Frequency Drive- The variable frequency drive allows for adjustments to the rotational speed of the disc.
    • Zero Speed Switch- The zero speed switch indicates whether the disc is rotating or not.

Disc Pelletizing System Solutions

In addition to the aforementioned standard and optional pelletizer components, FEECO also offers full pelletization system solutions. Besides custom pelletizers, FEECO can provide other pelletizing process equipment such as conveyors, feed bins, pin mixers, and rotary dryers to pelletizer plants.

FEECO is a knowledgeable, expert manufacturer of custom pelletizers. By tailoring each pelletizer’s components to suit a customer’s desired material results, FEECO is able to deliver high quality disc pelletizers again and again. For more information on pelletizing equipment, contact us today!


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