Why are Flights Used in a Rotary Dryer?

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

Flights, also known as “fins” or “material lifters,” are commonly used in both rotary dryers and coolers to maximize heat transfer between the material and the drying or cooling air. Affixed to the interior of the drum, they pick up the material as the drum rotates, and gradually drop it through the air stream, creating what is called a “curtain” of material. Ideally, the curtain will span the internal diameter of the drum, with the material falling evenly from one side to the next.

FEECO customizes both flight design and pattern to work with the material’s unique characteristics, ensuring optimal processing efficiency for the overall dryer or cooler. A material’s angle of repose, flowability, and more, will all have an influence on how flights are customized to suit the process goal.

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