What Causes Rotary Dryer Misalignment?

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

Rotary dryer misalignment is oftentimes the result of improper base installation. Misalignment in the base will quickly spread through the rest of the drum, causing wear and damage to other drum components. In addition, misalignment can occur naturally over time as part of normal rotary drum wear and tear.

Signs that a rotary dryer is misaligned include:

  • Extreme tire, wheel, pinion, girth, and/or thrust roller wear.
  • Damage to the tire, wheel, pinion, girth, and/or thrust roller.
  • Strong contact between the drum and thrust rollers.
  • Excessive chatter or vibrations from the drive components.

It is important to routinely have the dryer inspected and re-aligned as needed. This routine, preventative maintenance is an imperative part of keeping your drum running smoothly, prolonging its life, and minimizing the potential for damage and downtime.

If you suspect that your rotary dryer is in need of alignment, contact us today!

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