The IFDC: Helping Developing Countries Help Themselves

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Carrie Carlson
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Nick Reckinger
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The world’s population is expected to be eight billion by 2030, so it will become increasingly more important to use fertilizer to ensure an adequate food supply for the global population. One of the organizations working to improve self-sufficiency and reduce hunger and poverty is the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC).

The IFDC is working with farmers in developing countries on increasing and sustaining food security and agricultural productivity. They have some great educational materials on their website , from training programs to videos galleries, showcasing their work. One of our favorite videos produced by the IFDC is titled To Inherit the Earth: A Question of Survival. It’s an eye-opening video that focuses on the importance that the use of fertilizer plays in the success of impoverished nations. It mentions the challenges that face Togo, a small country in Africa, as well as the success stories of how the use of fertilizer and trade helped the countries of Bangladesh and Albania.

Dr. Amit Roy, IFDC President and CEO, uses a great analogy in the video, comparing the nutrients in soil to money in a bank account. Dr. Roy states that if money is continually drawn out without depositing, eventually nothing will be left in the account. Dr. Roy claims that’s what is happening to the soil in many parts of the world: soils are being overburdened, and nutrients are constantly being taken out of the soil without any going back in.

One of the obstacles developing countries face in order to get the necessary nutrients into their soil is a lack of resources to test and experiment with their natural products to determine if they can make their own fertilizer. FEECO built a pilot plant for the IFDC that helps countries determine if it is viable to manufacture their own fertilizer, or whether it is more economical to import it. The pilot plant has already helped establish and improve plants in Indonesia, Malaysia, Columbia and Brazil, just to name a few.

The use of fertilizer is responsible for saving millions of lives, so making sure that countries have the right technology to be self-sufficient is extremely important. FEECO is excited to be part of bringing solutions to developing countries to aid in this endeavor. We hope you’ll take some time to see the great work that is being done at the IFDC by going to their website and watching some videos.. If you would like information on our fertilizer systems or our pilot plant capabilities, please contact us today.

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