Photo of the Week: Agglomeration Test in Process

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

This week’s photo highlights an agglomeration test in process at the FEECO Innovation Center. Pellets on a disc pelletizer are pictured.

The FEECO Innovation Center is equipped for both pressure and non-pressure agglomeration tests on either a single piece of equipment, or in a continuous process loop with multiple pieces of equipment. We offer agglomeration testing services in four categories:

    • Feasibility/proof of concept: an initial batch test in which the possibility of creating a product is explored.
    • Proof of product: A more in-depth batch test in which more time is spent to determine whether a product can be produced.
    • Proof of process: A continuous test which aims to establish the equipment setup and parameters required to produce a precise material.
    • Process/product optimization: An in-depth analysis to optimize one’s specific material characteristics and/or production parameters.

If you’re looking to agglomerate your material at FEECO, contact us today. Our team of process experts look forward to learning about your material and processing goals.

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