How can FEECO’s Customer Service Team Assist with your Equipment Needs?

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

The FEECO Customer Service Team can cater to a variety of your needs, from field services such as equipment inspections, to the development of custom maintenance programs. Our team has the expertise to provide you with the best services in the industry.

The FEECO Customer Service Team offers the following:

Replacement and Spare Parts

FEECO can keep you in stock with wear-critical spare parts, or quote you with replacement parts and equipment.

Maintenance Programs

Our team can develop a targeted maintenance program specific to your process and equipment. This may include a recommended spare parts list, and routine maintenance procedures (such as rotary drum re-alignment).

Training Programs

Equipment operators should be thoroughly trained on how to safely and correctly operate, inspect and service the equipment. FEECO can train operators on the ins and outs of the equipment.

Field Services

Our Customer Service Engineers can travel directly to your facility to inspect and treat issues with your process equipment. We offer the following field services:

  • Commissioning and Installation Support. A FEECO customer service engineer can be on-site during equipment installation to ensure the equipment is installed correctly.
  • Alignments. FEECO’s state-of-the-art laser tracking system is used to perform alignments accurately, and quickly, compared to traditional methods.
  • Tire and Trunnion Wheel Grinding. Tire and trunnion wheel surfaces wear overtime. Resurfacing worn tires can help restore them to like-new condition, and is often a more economical choice over tire replacement.
  • Annual Inspections. Annual inspections give a comprehensive overview of the health of the equipment, including items that need immediate attention, and items that should be monitored.
  • Process and Equipment Audits. Similar to an annual inspection, a process audit is designed to assess the state of the equipment and process.
  • Routine Maintenance Procedures. From gear or seal replacements, to tensioning or alignment, our team can assist with a variety of routine maintenance procedures.

FEECO offers the above services for various agglomeration, thermal processing and material handling equipment.

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