FEECO’s Unique Unitized Base Helps Keep Installation and Maintenance Down Time to a Minimum

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Whether a rotary drum is being used as a dryer, kiln, cooler, or otherwise, it is often a key process component in a production setting. As a result, downtime for the rotary drum can have the potential to hold an entire operation on idle. For this reason, minimizing downtime is crucial.

While downtime is often unexpected and cannot be planned for, minimizing downtimes that can be controlled can make a significant difference. That’s why FEECO developed our unique, unitized drive base for all of our rotary drums. Not only does the base reduce the downtime required for maintenance procedures, but it offers a range of other benefits as well.

Rotary Drum Drive Base

3D Model of the FEECO Unitized Drive Base

About the FEECO Unitized Drive Base for Rotary Drums

The FEECO unitized drive base with adjustment sole plate minimizes the time required for performing routine maintenance by integrating the various base components into a single, combined unit reliant on only a few adjustment screws.

The entire drive is mounted on an adjustable one-piece drive base to allow for backlash adjustment of the pinion gear. The drive base is bolted down to a sole plate resting on custom leveled “mounting pads.” Only eight adjustment screws are used to easily adjust the entire unitized base. This means there is no having to separately realign each individual component of the drive. Upon readjustment of the adjusting screws, the unit is “locked” securely using the hold-down bolts to secure the base to the mounting pads.

Benefits of the Unitized Drive Base

In addition to the reduced downtime for routine maintenance, the base also offers three key benefits:

Quicker Installation

The unitized base is shipped to the production facility in one piece, completely assembled, and pre-aligned. By simply leveling the sole plate, the motor, reducer, couplings, and pinion gear alignment is complete.

This significantly reduces the required time for installation and alignment.

Reduced Labor Costs

Backlash adjustments with the unitized base can be checked or adjusted in minimum time. Without the unitized base, adjustment commonly takes two technicians two or more days to complete. Assuming that backlash is adjusted twice the first year of operation and annually thereafter, labor savings are expected to be in the $5,000-$10,000 range.

Increased Gear Life

The unitized base often contributes to a longer girth and pinion gear life. This is because plant personnel are more likely to check and correct misalignments promptly when they are more convenient and less time consuming. This can even translate to a longer drum life and reduced maintenance, because otherwise leaving a gear out of alignment could escalate into more severe issues.

As a leading provider of custom rotary drums, FEECO continues to seek ways to improve our products and reduce downtime for our customers. Our unitized drive base can easily translate into substantial cost savings through faster install, decreased downtime, lower labor costs, and even overall reduced maintenance costs. For more information on our unitized base, contact us today!

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