FEECO to Attend Phosphorus Forum 2017

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Carrie Carlson
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The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance will be hosting an upcoming phosphorus forum and FEECO will be in attendance.

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance is a group that advocates for the sustainable use, recovery, and recycling of phosphorus as it relates to the global food system.

As an industry expert in minerals, fertilizer products, and nutrient recovery, FEECO joined on as a member of the newly-formed alliance last year and was also recently featured on the alliance’s blog to promote technology in nutrient recovery. Read the article here.

“Joining up with the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance was a really good fit for both of us,” states Brian Madigan, Director of Business Development. “We have the expertise to develop the technologies and systems needed to facilitate their objectives and as an environmental steward, we are side by side with them in the effort to improve global phosphorus management.”

FEECO has long been assisting customers in the production of custom fertilizer products, and more recently, has seen an increased interest around nutrient recovery from materials like manure and biosolids.

“We’ve been working on several projects where the goal is to recover phosphorus from such materials and turn it into a marketable product that can be sold or used locally. This helps to circumvent the issue of excess nutrients running off into waterways while also allowing those nutrients to be put to use elsewhere where they are actually needed,” Madigan says. “This also helps to alleviate the pressure on finite resources such as phosphate rock.”

FEECO utilizes their unique testing facility, the Innovation Center, to test the feasibility of transforming materials into value-added products. This is especially beneficial in the case of manure, where so many factors can influence the characteristics of the material, making it unpredictable.

The forum will be held in Washington DC, and gathers industry experts, scientists, and policy makers to address key issues in phosphorus sustainability.

FEECO offers feasibility testing, process design, and custom equipment manufacturing for nutrient recovery and fertilizer production applications. For more information, contact us today!

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