FEECO Offers Bulk Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing

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While FEECO has made a name for itself in the thermal processing, fertilizer granulation, and agglomeration industries, a little-known added benefit to customers is that we also manufacture bulk material handling equipment

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for bulk handling equipment, we can provide our customers with the engineering and equipment behind moving material through their process and around their facility.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment At Its Best

From dry, dusty powders, to abrasive materials, we can accommodate nearly any handling job. All FEECO equipment designed around the unique characteristics of the material to be transported. Our complete line of bulk material handling equipment is outlined here.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are available in centrifugal and continuous styles.

Centrifugal elevators operate at high speeds to throw material by centrifugal action out and into the discharge spout. The buckets are spaced in wider intervals to prevent discharge interference, and they can be configured side-by-side or staggered.

Continuous elevators are designed to reduce material degradation during the transportation process, providing a more smooth and continuous discharge for fragile materials. They are available in medium-front, high-front, and super-capacity styles for both belt and chain elevators.

FEECO Bucket Elevator with Service Platform and Ladder Cage

FEECO Bucket Elevator with service platform and ladder safety cage

For more details, download our bucket elevator brochure.

Troughed Belt Conveyors

FEECO’s troughed belt conveyors are available in configurations from 18” to 72” wide and work with capacities of up to 8,000 TPH. They can also run at inclined angles between 0 and 20 degrees, most typically, and 30 degrees with cleated/chevron belting.

Our belt conveyors are also available with additional components, with some of the most common options including covers, dust control at load points, transfer chutes, walkways and service platforms, and loading skirtboards.

Belt Conveyors With Weather Covers

FEECO Belt Conveyors with weather covers

Belt Trippers

Belt trippers, or traveling trippers ‘trip’ material off of the conveyor at designated locations, providing additional functionality to the troughed belt conveyor, such as enhanced storage. An engineered pulley loop limits belt stress, and a direct-mounted motor and gear reducer allow for remote controlling.

FEECO Belt Tripper Installed

FEECO Belt Tripper

Belt Feeders

Belt feeders are used when a material that is either stockpiled or loaded at an uninhibited rate in a bin or hopper needs to be introduced into the system at a more controlled rate. Belt feeders are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Industrial Conveyor Belt Feeder

FEECO Belt Feeder

Belt Plows

As with trippers, belt plows are designed to increase a belt conveyor’s material discharge control capabilities, but are used when only one or a few discharge locations are needed. We have designs for both one- and two-side discharge, each of which has several features to increase versatility, including UHMW plow blades, manual lever action, and an integrated belt flattening system.

Belt Plow for Wood Chips

Belt Plow on a wood chip conveyor

Reversing Shuttle Conveyors

A reversing shuttle conveyor is a belt conveyor mounted on a rail system. The shuttle function allows the conveyor to be moved along a track, to convey material in both directions. They are often used for building an in-line, continuous pile, or for feeding numerous fixed discharge points.

Our reversing shuttle conveyors are also designed with two important features: a stationary inlet and automation control.  The stationary material feed chute allows processed material to be directed to one central location. The automation feature allows the shuttle conveyor to be controlled from a remote location or an automated program.

Reversing Shuttle Conveyor for Bulk Solids Handling

3D Rendering of a Reversing Shuttle Conveyor

Steep Incline Conveyors

Our steep incline conveyors are designed for inclines ranging from 18 to 90 degrees, while still maintaining the feed and discharge properties of a standard belt conveyor. They are an ideal substitute for drag chain or bucket elevator configurations because they are less noisy and eliminate transfer points.

Special features of the steep incline conveyor include reduced material spillage through corrugated sidewalls, “L-” and “S-” shaped designs to eliminate transfer points, flexible belt design, and more.

For a comprehensive look at all of the conveyors mentioned above, download our conveyor brochure.

Steep Incline Conveyor

Steep Incline Conveyor

Parts & Service

In addition to the design and manufacturing of custom bulk material handling equipment, FEECO also provides a range of parts and service support. From assistance installing the equipment, to inspections and troubleshooting, and even spare parts, FEECO’s Customer Service Engineers are here to help with your material handling needs.

FEECO has been moving material for over 70 years. Our custom designs and variety of optional add-ons to our base line of equipment create versatile, single pieces of bulk material handling equipment or complete transportation systems to meet our customer’s unique needs. For additional information, or a quote, contact us today!

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