FEECO International Receives Federal Award for Exporting Success

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FEECO International Received Exporting Success Award on November 3, 2006

Green Bay, WI (November 6, 2006) – U.S. Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary David Bohigian visited the Green Bay area to present the Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Award to FEECO International, Inc., on Friday, November 3rd, 2006. Bohigian discussed new U.S. jobs numbers as well as how the department is confronting issues affecting U.S. competitiveness, including: intellectual property rights protection, standards, other non-tariff barriers.

FEECO International, Inc has been supplying companies globally for 55 years with equipment such as Rotary Dryers / Coolers, Pin Mixers, Disc Pelletizers, Material Handling Equipment, Process Systems, Thermal Processing Equipment, Rotary Calciners, Rotary Coolers / Dryers, Rotary Kilns and more.

FEECO is staffed with a full complement of engineers, designers and drafters with the expertise to take your system from the initial design stage to project start-up. FEECO uses advanced technology such as AutoDesk and 3D Solids which lets you visualize your equipment design.

In addition, FEECO offers the services of a material processing feasibility laboratory. With this fully equipped lab, FEECO’S engineers and technicians can conduct feasibility tests to determine if your process is physically and economically feasible and whether your material handling equipment is suitable to the application.


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