Rotary Kilns Built for Excellence

FEECO is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered rotary kilns for processing solids. Our high temperature kilns have earned a reputation for their durability, efficiency, and longevity. System options include:

  • Parallel or Counter Current flow
  • Optimized Refractory Lining Solutions (multiple layers, castable, brick)
  • Direct Fired or Indirect Fired

In addition to the rotary kiln itself, FEECO can supply a complete system with services, including:

  • Material Handling
  • Agglomeration
  • Drying
  • Afterburner / SCC
  • Quench Tower
  • Baghouse / Scrubber
  • Acid Gas Removal
  • Product Cooling
  • Field Assistance / Installation
  • Field Assistance / Start-up

Why Choose FEECO?
FEECO can offer cost competitive designs for small to mid scale units. The advantages to a FEECO rotary kiln are that it is built to the highest quality standards and is backed by over 60 years of process design experience.

Common Rotary Kiln Applications

Applications for rotary kilns continue to grow to meet new processing needs. Some of the most common applications for direct-fired rotary kilns include:

  • Waste Lime Recovery
  • Proppant Sintering
  • Mineral Roasting
  • Specialty Ceramics and Clays
  • Gypsum Calcining
  • Bauxite Calcining
  • Pigments
  • Phosphate Ore (Upgrading)
  • Desorption & Combustion of Soil Contaminates
  • Waste Incineration

Process Development with FEECO Pilot Rotary Kilns

The FEECO Lab offers a pilot kiln and batch kiln that can simulate conditions in continuous commercial rotary kilns, allowing our customers to test small samples of material under various process conditions. Able to operate in both co-current and counter-current flow, the FEECO test kilns offer a variety of options, such as a combustion chamber, afterburner, baghouse, and wet scrubber. Physical and chemical characteristics of the test material can be evaluated and analyzed by FEECO Lab Technicians at various process intervals.