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Question of the Week: What are Indirect Coolers Used for?

This article was co-authored by:

Carrie Carlson
Technical Writer

Shane Le Capitaine
Thermal Processing Expert

What are Indirect Coolers Used For

While indirect coolers are used far less commonly than their direct cooling counterparts, they are often the best solution in a few specialty applications. A direct cooler relies on direct contact between the material and chilled air in order to cool the material, which can Continue reading →


Question of the Week: How do you Select the Right Binder for Agglomeration?

This article was co-authored by:

Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

Chris Kozicki
Agglomeration Expert

Selecting a Binder for Agglomeration

Binder selection is dependent upon a few key factors: cost, industry, and the anticipated end-use and desired specifications of the agglomerates. Binders are available by the hundreds, from water and oil, to starch and molasses. With such a wide variance in binding options, testing is Continue reading →