FEECO Belt Trippers & Belt Plows

For applications where more than one conveyor discharge position is required, FEECO offers several approaches and options to meet the demands of the project, among them, Belt Trippers, Belt Plows, and Reversing Shuttle Conveyors. Whether you need a reversing belt with discharges at both ends, filling multiple bins along the length of the conveyor, or you need to create a long continuous pile such as in filling a bulk storage building, FEECO has your material handling needs covered.

Belt Trippers

A belt tripper is used to “trip” the material off the conveyor at specified locations between the terminal pulleys. A belt tripper can either be in a fixed position, or movable and consists of a structure with two pulley assemblies. As the belt passes over the upper pulley, the material is discharged from the belt into a collection chute. The material is then diverted to one side or both sides of the belt for discharge, or back onto the belt if the desired discharge position is at the end of the conveyor. Several powered drive options and chute configurations are available for any belt tripper.

Belt Plows

Usually considered a lower cost option than a belt tripper, especially if only one or a few specific discharge locations are required, belt plows are an option to consider. FEECO has developed designs for both one side and two side discharge. The FEECO design incorporates a raising bed plate that allows the use of a plow even on troughed belts. Pneumatic or electric actuators are commonly used for operation. Manual lever action is also available for a belt plow.

Reversing Shuttle Conveyors

Depending on project layout and requirement, a reversing shuttle conveyor may be the best fit to provide a conveyor system with multiple or continuous pile discharge. A reversing shuttle conveyor is essentially a conveyor that moves back and forth on a track system. By virtue of the reversing conveyor, a shuttle conveyor of approximately half the length of the pile requirement can be used. For example, a pile length of 200′ long would require a shuttle conveyor that is approximately 110′ long based on the feed to the shuttle conveyor being in the center of the pile. Again, FEECO provides several drive options for the shuttle travel.