Photo of the Week: Sieve Analysis

This article was co-authored by:

Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

Chris Kozicki
Agglomeration Expert

This week’s photo shows pellets on a sieve. Sieves, made up of a circular, metal frame, with a screen-like wire mesh in the bottom, are used to measure particle size distribution. A variety of sieve sizes can be found in the FEECO Innovation Center, each with a different-sized mesh to measure granules according to standardized sizes.

Sieves are an important tool at FEECO, helping lab technicians to measure how much under-, over-, and on-size pellets a process is producing. Additionally, they help to measure pellets of an unknown size, as well as confirm that a process is producing pellets within a desired size range.

Referred to as a sieve analysis, this is just one of several tests that lab technicians prepare when measuring an end-product’s characteristics. They also measure:

    • Bulk density
    • Flowability
    • Crush strength
    • Moisture content
    • Abrasion and hardness

A sieve analysis, as well as the tests noted above, all help confirm the overall agglomeration process, and ensure that customers are getting the precise pellets they request.

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Jenny Seim is a technical writer and service specialist.

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